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Cameras give scofflaws reason to pause
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 7/15/2009 12:00 AM

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Regarding traffic cameras, we can argue whether or not the cameras are cash cows; we can argue about the criteria used for assessing violations; we can argue about the size of the fines or the mechanisms in place for appealing the tickets; we can even argue about the enforcement disparity that exists from community to community. But the point we all seem to be missing is that when we run through a red light without stopping, or if we speed, or if we choose to ignore lane markings, or if we don't turn into our own lanes when we turn a corner, then we are breaking the law.

Our traffic laws are in place to provide a safe driving environment for everyone. If we ignore those laws, the roadways become more perilous, whether or not an accident actually occurs because of our actions. Disregard for traffic laws has become so widespread it's almost anarchic. Our police forces aren't large enough to stop every scofflaw who ignores the rules of the road. If cameras catch these people, maybe paying a fine will at least give these scofflaws reason to pause before ignoring a traffic light the next time. In the long run, the roads might become a little safer.

John Gillies