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Reinstate law restricting all turns on red
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 7/15/2009 12:00 AM

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I read the whole article on right turns and how the people who sell this equipment make money and don't save lives. My son was one of those who did not completely stop and a $100 ticket came, which I paid for so not to have any conflict in the courthouse because you lose anyway. This was a crazy law passed by all in the United States.

As for the right turn law, what does it accomplish? People are too much in a hurry to go nowhere anyhow. You have to wait for the left arrow to turn left and people wait, why can't the people making a right-hand turn wait for the green light? This was the old law and we should go back to it. I have seen more accidents from people making right-hand turns into vehicles making left-hand turns, or people trying to cross. For the few seconds to wait for the green to make a right turn, it will save the counties a lot of money instead of paying for cameras.

Put up the old no turns on red signs, or put down a slow down bump. Stop wasting money on these crazy people who can care less if an oncoming car or person is in the way. Go back to the red light law and they will all save money.

Don Leo