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Fawning coverage of Jesse Jackson
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 9/2/2007 2:01 PM | Updated: 9/3/2007 8:10 AM

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Fawning coverage of Jesse Jackson

This letter is in response to your fawning coverage of Jesse Jackson's march.

He argues "stopping gun manufacturing would halt illegal distribution of firearms." Using that logic, we should stop making knives, baseball bats, and pillows, since, according to FBI statistics they have been used in more killings than so called "assault weapons" over the years.

He further claims that illegal guns were to blame for Columbine and Virginia Tech. I didn't know that the guns walked the halls randomly shooting innocents; I always thought it was criminals, who planned ahead and knowingly broke the law. Silly me.

As far as Dr. King and President Kennedy being killed with "high-powered weapons like the ones Jackson wants to ban"? Did your reporters ever learn to research a story, or were they so awe struck by the presence of Jackson that they simply relied on his press release for info? Both were killed using bolt action rifles, much more like the "hunting" rifles Jackson states he has no interest in.

Or, like most of those who seek to disarm law-abiding Americans, perhaps it should be "no interest at this time," as such a plan is more easily effected incrementally.

And with the state in such tough financial times, I would think that Presidents Richardson and Abboud would be happy to have a source of tax revenue nearby, as well as the other firearm manufacturers located herein Illinois, especially since they contribute several million dollars in payroll and sales taxes each year.

Douglas Winston