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Tell Chicago to stay in the city
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 5/13/2009 12:01 AM

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I read with much disappointment the Daily Herald's endorsement of the O'Hare Expansion Project. Obviously, money and a few jobs outweigh health and quality of life issues.

I am also highly disgusted by Elk Grove Village President Craig Johnson's exit from the fight. I attended the rally at St. Johannes cemetery a few months back when Johnson vowed not only to stay in it until the end, but vowed that the O'Hare project would be defeated. Guess he thinks it's defeated.

Now that the real champion, former Bensenville Village President John Geils, is gone, it looks like King Richard's Bulldozer Blitzkrieg will be on the move.

Why don't they expand Midway Airport? You know, bulldoze houses and businesses in Chicago. Oh, wait. Richie won't do that. That would affect voters who could put him out of office.

Much better to decimate the suburbs. We can't vote against him. With our "leaders" turning belly-up for him, there's nothing standing in his way. Doesn't that scare anyone? The city of Chicago can just buy up our communities and bulldoze them, and it seems like there isn't much we can do about it? Shouldn't that have us really worried? What's next?

Its time to go to the polls and vote these eunuchs out of office. We need representation that will stand up for us and our rights and tell the city of Chicago to stay in the city of Chicago and out of the suburbs.

Terry Tallian

Wood Dale