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Sirott living a dream
By Mike Spellman | Daily Herald Staff
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Published: 5/11/2009 11:09 PM

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Blackhawks. Cubs.

Cubs. Blackhawks.

Judd Sirott's head has to be spinning.

After being hired, in conjunction with WGN Radio, as the radio studio host of the Blackhawks last August, the native of Arlington Heights found out a few months ago that he also would be handling similar duties this season for the Cubs.

Fresh off covering a Cubs series in Milwaukee, we caught up with Sirott at the United Center as he prepared to work his first game in the Hawks-Canucks series.

Q: How do you keep your schedule straight?

Sirott: Here's how (smiles and pulls out a Cubs pocket schedule).

Q: How difficult is it to be in the Cubs booth knowing the Hawks are playing at the same time?

Sirott: I'll just have the live game feed on the computer. Pat (Hughes) and Ron (Santo), they want updates on the Hawks during the games.

They'll say, 'If you see goals or things happening, let us know, we'll get you on.' They realize there are a ton of people who follow this Blackhawks team.

I'm following both teams as intensely as possible.

Q: What happens to your schedule should the Hawks advance?

Sirott: It will all depend on the days and the times. If we're on the road, I haven't been able to do it. If we're at home and the times work, I'm here.

I have to say I couldn't do this without the support of both organizations and the support of the radio station. And (Blackhawks announcers) John (Wiedeman) and Troy (Murray) along with Pat and Ron have been spectacular to me.

Q: Do you feel like a lucky guy?

Sirott: It's ridiculous. To be able to work in the NHL was to get to the top of Mount Everest. Well, to be able to work in major-league baseball and the NHL - and to do it for my two favorite franchises?

I think you just put me on the moon.