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Red light camera can't be justified
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 5/4/2009 12:07 AM

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There is a Photo Ticket camera in Elk Grove Village monitoring the stop sign at the intersection of eastbound Biesterfield Road and the entrance ramp to southbound Route 53. The camera at this intersection appears to be solely intended for generating income for the village.

The purpose of the right turn on red photo enforcement is intended for pedestrian safety and this intersection has no pedestrian crosswalks or pedestrian traffic.

The fine is $100 and it is not reported to the Secretary of State. However, if you elect to have your case heard before a court, an additional $40 will be added to the fine and it will then be reported to the Secretary of State affecting your driving record.

An attorney advised if you do ask for a trial - due to the court caseload and for expedience - photo tickets have been grouped and through video imaging deemed to be prima facie evidence are automatically judged guilty.

Videos can very easily be manipulated.

I expect a police officer at that site would judge relative to safety risk, speed and conditions of the right turn maneuver on red, if a citation was in order. Yes, the letter of the law states "stop" and I was cited.

I believe this should be investigated by the Attorney General's office to see if this is a breach of fiduciary responsibility and I encourage who ever has received a citation, to file a complaint.

Bob Genc