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Atheists might want to reconsider views
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 4/22/2009 12:01 AM

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It is disturbing to read that our nation which historically has been predominantly a Christian nation under God, and as such became the strongest, richest, and most envied nation on earth, is now experiencing a rise in atheism (March 9 Daily Herald). What is wrong with this picture? Are we trying to emulate lesser societies and become like them?

In the ultimate analysis, mankind has only two choices. He can believe that the universe always was and that God was created by man, or that God always was and the universe was created by him.

Assuming an absolute void in what we now call "space," if someone can explain how the first subatomic particle was formed, from which all other matter was derived, that would make a strong argument for the former choice.

To my knowledge, the intelligentsia of our world have not come close to an explanation.

Now, let's ponder the complexities and functionalities of the many various forms of life on our planet, and the precision of the movements of the stars and planets. Can these come from accidental occurrences, or were they created by a super intelligent and powerful being called God? Because of these realities I am going with the latter choice. Thus I believe it prudent to be God's friend and ally.

I hope our atheistic fellow Americans will take time to independently consider the complexity of life and the universe, and reconsider their position.

Donald Cavi

Rolling Meadows