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D303 tax increase pricy, unnecessary
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 12/20/2008 12:05 AM

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Get ready to vote NO on the new referendum that will soon come from the St. Charles school board. I urge you to get the facts on this important issue that will soon come to you thanks to your school superintendent and will soon be approved by your school board.

The fix was in from the beginning. The vast majority of people at all these meetings that "overwhelmingly approved the measure" were employees of District 303. Your school board is about to pass this disaster that will fund repairs or replacement of all 17 schools. It is insane. Forty-three million on East for improved ADA access and drainage, 40 million on North, and this is their estimate; you know it will be higher when completed. Are you kidding me?

I am opposed because of the cost, but also because it isn't needed. This is your school superintendent out of control, a hired gun who comes in and has no regard to what it will do to our kids attending these schools while they are under construction, no regard to the tax increase, no regard for our community. They have no plan "B" when this fails. What they will tell you is, "Oh well, the voters have spoken." Why can't the voters get a choice? A smaller plan to improve the schools that need repair.

Teachers don't get a raise, classes don't get smaller, no better programs, only bigger buildings and more parking. Are you kidding me? How out of touch can you get.

This referendum is bad for St. Charles homeowners, bad for the kids and the community. It is an insult that the district would scam us this way.

Ron Klamert

St. Charles