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Froehlich not telling voters about his party switch
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 10/31/2008 12:03 AM

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I am a resident of the 56th district, currently represented by Paul Froehlich. However, I am not supporting him in his re-election bid.

The sad thing about my support is that I did vote for him and was an avid supporter until he decided to change parties a little over a year ago, going from Republican to Democrat simply because he thought it would be easier to get things done in Springfield by "joining" them (the current Democratic held state government), than fighting them.

This being said, I have been told by friends and neighbors that Mr. Froehlich and his workers are not telling residents the whole story when coming to their homes for support. Apparently residents are being told that since "you supported us the last time," can we still count on your support now, and can we place a sign in your yard. They willingly agree, not knowing the full story.

When I asked these friends who have spoken to and have signs in their yards if they were aware that Mr. Froehlich changed parties and he was now representing the Democrats, that he has voted with Gov. Blagojevich 91 percent, he supported the Todd Stroger tax increase in Cook County plus voted against removing the sales tax on gas, among other tax increases he voted for, they are shocked.

I also like to let them know that he did vote to give himself a $10,000 pay raise.

Neither himself or people indicate that he is now a Democrat. They are going to registered Republicans, asking for their support but not being honest with the residents they are speaking to. I find this dishonorable, deceitful and certainly not a quality I want in my state representative.

Beth Anderson