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Get out and vote, and pick McCain
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 10/30/2008 12:01 AM

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As responsible citizens we will very soon cast our votes to elect our next president. Whichever one wins, he will never please everyone, but there are critical decisions to be made by him concerning the economy, Supreme Court appointments, the war, etc., and a lot is at stake. This country needs a strong, honest and experienced leader because of his great influence over the direction that this nation will take in these troubled times.

I believe that McCain is more mature, better qualified, and unquestionably he has had much more experience. McCain is well-respected and will be an honest and good leader. We know him well whereas Obama is new and relatively unknown in politics.

Nobody questions Obama's patriotism, but his career began in Chicago politics where he never complained of corruption, which still exists with politicians that still back him. I will not vote for promises by an eloquent speaker without knowing him better. In a recent poll both Obama and Joe Biden were listed among the most liberal people in Congress. Rather than Republican or Democrat, why not more accurately say liberal (more spending and bigger government) or conservative?

Before allocating more billions for college, welfare, health, seniors, vets, etc. etc. (as legitimate as they may be) most recipients will agree that before we give a runaway Congress a blank check we want to know how the money will be spent. Both the president and the Democratic-controlled congress are at a new low in public opinion.

McCain has fought lobbyists, earmarks, even his own party at times, and has favored campaign reform for many years. I hope everyone votes and I hope that the majority agrees with me.

William McNutt

Des Plaines