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We need to question Obama's character
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 10/30/2008 12:01 AM

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Every grammar school in Arlington Heights has a sign on it that states "Character counts in Arlington Heights."

Character should count not only in Arlington Heights but in every town, county, state and in this great country.

We should question every elected officials character we vote for.

The ramifications of not doing so impacts our children, grandchildren and their children along with the future of this country.

The character of Barack Obama is one I believe we need to question.

Obama's association and friendships with people who threaten this country, offer bribes for political gain and preach division are part of his character.

Obama has also aligned himself with self serving politicians such as Todd Stroger who is a puppet for Mayor Daley along with Emil Jones who has created an impasse in this state.

Obama says he is an agent of change, but everyone in this state should know that he is a product of Chicago politics and will bring the same corrupt politics that we have in this state to Washington D.C. with him.

Please think about character when you vote.

Richard L. Olhava

Arlington Heights