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Republicans follow our founding fathers
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 10/30/2008 12:01 AM

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It is a given that one-third of the population will always vote for liberals. As one who is following the day-to-day ever-changing and confusing rhetoric before Election Day as a concerned and unapologetic conservative Republican, I know who I am going to vote for and why, but do readers of the Lake County Daily Herald?

The political philosophy upon which I will base my vote is reflected in this nation's Constitution as set forth by our founding fathers. As such I am pessimistic about human nature when tempted with money and ambition. This is why there is a need to exhort and encourage each other to reach for high morals. I believe that Americans need to be inspired by the ideals they hold dear and not pander with promises of more. I want charity to be mostly private, local and personal so we don't pass our sacred duty along to future generations. I want the weak and fallen to stand up with more opportunity, not endless alms without conditions. I want government to be small and lean, taking care of the important basics of national security, infrastructure and civil-protection, but leaving more to more efficient private sectors who can turn man's greedy nature into positive and productive ways. Lastly, I want strong leadership with a clear vision of the world as it is, not as it ought to be, that will not blink at the face of evil.

The Republican Party is far from perfect. It has strayed far from the principles so eloquently expressed 236 years ago in our Constitution. People will be people in all their glories and downfalls, no matter which ideology or party affiliation. But what has happened to the Democratic party? It has been hijacked by the left-wing element of the party. Worrisome is that Barack Obama has been chosen as the Democratic standard-bearer with his policies that inspire massive government expansion, redistribution of wealth, no end to taxes and an erosion of individual liberties and freedoms. Already Obama has proposed over $1 trillion of new spending programs. He probably has a program just for you! Left unsaid is that there are not enough wealthy people or oil companies to fund this massive expansive of welfare. Such deficit spending would only cause misery.

This election is a battle between those who think government is the solution to all problems and those who want to ensure the survival of capitalism and the free market. Democratic candidates, for the most part, trust government. Their policies are consistent with socialism which has failed miserably wherever and whenever it has been tried. Republican candidates are oriented more toward promoting capitalism and the free market system wherein businesses can and do fail, fostered by a belief that "we the people" create wealth, not government.

Which America do you wish to live in, the government-controlled, nanny welfare state of an Obama-Biden presidency or one that respects the free market system under McCain and Palin? It is up to you. I will vote the McCain-Palin ticket. Think before you vote!

Nancy J. Thorner

Lake Bluff