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Roskam promises fiscal responsibility
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 10/21/2008 12:04 AM

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Americans seemed to have mixed feelings regarding the bailout decision.

Obviously there was an urgency to make a decision in order to find a solution to the economic crisis, but many people believed the bailout was just a Band-Aid solution.

As of a few days ago, anyone who believed the bailout to be nothing more than cleaning up after a few irresponsible college kids, proved to be right.

After being bailed out, AIG didn't wait more than a few days before throwing a party to celebrate their success in tricking Americans to pay off their debt.

Of the $85 billion that AIG received from the bailout, nearly $445,000 was spent on a party for AIG's top executives.

While Americans suffer through this financial crisis, AIG proceeds to wine and dine on our hard earned tax dollars!

Obviously the majority of Congress voted in favor of this bailout, but I am proud to say my Representative, Peter Roskam, voted against the bailout. K

nown as the "Hero of the Taxpayer", Roskam fights to protect our tax dollars and is a true advocate of fiscal responsibilities.

Sarah Knaus