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Gun stance a part of larger problem
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 10/8/2008 12:05 AM

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Mark Kirk recently announced the endorsement of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg's endorsement came largely due to Congressman Kirk's long record of leadership on gun control issues.

When asked for a comment the Dan Seals campaign managed only a petulant "Dan Seals has a long record of standing up for strong gun control measures and this is not a point of contention in this race." But they are wrong; the issue of gun control illustrates one of the primary themes of this race: action vs. words, substance vs. hot air.

Mark Kirk has a long history of fighting for, and achieving, effective gun control. He voted to strengthen instant background checks. He fought to give local governments access to ATF data to effectively combat gun violence. And, most recently, he introduced legislation to close the "fire sale" loophole which allows gun dealers who lost their license to sell off their inventory anyway.

What gun control achievements can Dan Seals claim? None. This is the first elected office that Dan Seals has sought, so of course he can't claim any accomplishments. Normally candidates in his position would have some good ideas ready to push if they are elected. But if Seals does, I have not seen them. He does not mention gun control even once on his Web site and I've never heard him speak on it. So where is his "long record of standing up for strong gun control?"

The Seals campaign is wrong. Gun control is relevant in this race. It's part of a much larger issue, perhaps the biggest issue. Do we elect an accomplished, experienced Congressman who shares our values and has a long record of achievement? Or do we choose a man with no deeds, just words; and not very good words at that? The choice, for me at least, is clear.

Dorothea Benjamin

Highland Park