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Democrats' success is to our detriment
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 9/30/2008 12:07 AM

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Democrats' success is to our detriment I have to admit that Democrats have been very successful this year.

They have successfully driven this economy into the tank, forcing many businesses to lay off workers, including the airline industry, manufacturing, food industry, travel industry and auto industry by failing to pass a good energy policy.

See, if our society wasn't so concerned about the forced rise in the cost of just about everything, if we were able to have the extra money we're putting into the gas tank, for heating our homes, food, and rising taxes, we would have plenty more to use for travel, for auto purchases, for incidentals, for schooling of our kids, and the economy would be sailing along in much better shape.

But that would almost ensure a successful election for McCain and Palin.

That's not what the Dems want, though. They are trying hard, and like I said, have been successful at driving us into the tank, hoping we will blame the current administration and vote Democratic in the coming election.

This do-nothing Congress has done enough, but their success has been to our detriment.

Martin Uttich

Carol Stream