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Local magician bets he can guess Daily Herald's Nov. 7 headlines
By Kerry Lester | Daily Herald Staff

Magician Bill Blagg says he will reveal Friday's predictions of the Daily Herald Nov. 7 headlines at a performance at Elgin's Hemmens Cultural Center on Nov. 7.


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Published: 9/26/2008 3:09 PM | Updated: 9/26/2008 5:05 PM

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With political scandals, tropical storms and bank collapses, the future might seem impossible to predict right now.

One local magician claims he knows the exact headlines of the Nov. 7 Daily Herald.

Bill Blagg, a Zion native, recorded his predictions Thursday on a cassette tape.

Now enclosed in a Federal Express box, the tape will be put on display in a Plexiglas case at the Hemmens Cultural Center in downtown Elgin. It will be played for the first time on Friday, Nov. 7, during Blagg's 8 p.m. show at the Hemmens.

A member of the audience will be the one to remove the tape, open the box and play the cassette, Blagg told us Friday.

Blagg says he's 7 for 7 in predicting headlines of papers correctly.

If he's wrong Nov. 7, he says he'll refund all audience members' tickets.

A gimmick? Sure. But nobody knows just how Blagg does it, and the magician refuses to reveal his secrets.

"The only thing I can tell you is ... I can't tell you," he said.

Blagg hasn't revealed what Daily Herald section's headline he'll be predicting, or give any hints about how he came to his conclusions.

We thought we'd weigh in, using the few tools we have, common sense and a bit of sarcasm.

News: Nov. 7 is three days after the 2008 presidential election. With the rumors that Florida's voting machines are erratic, could we have a 2000 recount repeat?

Sports: Wrigley announces plans to rebuild after World Series riots.

Business: Foreclosures continue (no surprise here).

Back Page: The back page of the paper, which features celebrity news, could celebrate the 90th birthday of evangelist Billy Graham or singer Joni Mitchell's 65th.

Lottery: We're guessing he doesn't know Lotto numbers or he wouldn't still be working.

Intrigued? The show runs about two hours. Tickets are $20 to 50. Call (847) 931-5900 for information.