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Disgruntled client posts signs, disgruntles namesake architect
By Chad Brooks | Daily Herald Staff

William Kaper Jr. posted a sign in his yard in Barrington Hills announcing he had fired his architect (whose name is misspelled on the sign). The sign was vandalized this week.


Bob Chwedyk | Staff Photographer

William Kaper Jr. in front of his house, still under construction in Barrington Hills.


Bob Chwedyk | Staff Photographer

William Kaper Jr. inside his unfinished living room in Barrington Hills.


Bob Chwedyk | Staff Photographer

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Published: 9/25/2008 12:06 AM

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Barrington architect David F. Schultz wants everyone to know he's not the one who was unceremoniously fired by a Barrington Hills client.

He wants to counter any potential harm to his reputation by a sign that William Kaper Jr. has placed in front of his nearby property along County Line Road in Barrington Hills.

Unapologetic, Kaper said he posted the roughly 4-by-8-feet sign more than a week ago to let the world know, in big red and black letters, that he'd fired the architect he'd worked with for years to renovate his $30 million mansion.

That architect is David A. Schulz, who's based in St. Charles - though, to add further confusion, it's misspelled "Shulz" on Kaper's sign.

But David F. Schultz, the Barrington architect, thinks the names are similar enough that his business could be harmed. He said several people have already called asking if the sign referred to him.

"There is clear evidence that people have noticed and think it is about us," he said.

After failing to convince Kaper to take down the sign, Schultz said he asked if Kaper would at least specify that it refers to the St. Charles Schulz.

"He said, 'Pay me $7,000 and I will let you do it,'" Schultz said. He declined the offer.

Kaper is a licensed attorney and real estate developer who also buys and sells art and celebrity and historic artifacts.

Kaper said he'd worked with the St. Charles Schulz for five years on renovations to his mansion before the two had a falling out.

In regards to David F. Schultz of Barrington, Kaper doesn't see what the big deal is, noting the two men have different middle initials and different surname spellings.

The subject of the sign, David A. Schulz, said he was disappointed Kaper posted it and regrets others have been dragged into his ordeal.

"It is not only unfortunate for me, but I also feel bad for the people caught up in this that aren't even involved in the project," Schulz said.

The St. Charles architect said he has only heard positive things about the work of David F. Schultz, who specializes in church design.

While he declined to discuss the details of their falling-out, Schulz said that when it comes to dealing with Kaper, "it either seems like you are his best friend or worst enemy."

While it's clear Kaper won't be hiring Schulz again anytime soon, Kaper said he does plan to take the sign down this week. In recent days it's been vandalized with spray paint.

"I made my point," he said.

That will be good news to Schultz and Schulz.

"I am not trying to be a jerk about this," Schultz said. "But, we have a great reputation and I am trying to maintain that."