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Constitution must protect marriage
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 9/30/2008 12:07 AM

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In the states of Florida, California, and Arizona, citizens will vote in the November elections to enshrine traditional one man, one woman marriage into their state constitutions.

It will answer whether citizens in these three states want to scrap the marriage that generations before us have known and open marriage to those demanding equal recognition on the basis of their sexual activity.

Traditional marriage is God's way of continuing his people from generation to generation. Establishing homosexual marriage as a fundamental right, immediately sets a new legal precedent for "anything goes" forms of marriage, such as polygamy and group marriage - a major culture change that in both Massachusetts and California has led to children being taught homosexual activities within sex education classes.

Once marriage can mean anything, it means nothing. Is this the legacy we wish to leave our children and grandchildren on our watch?

Traditional marriage has served us well. It has provided the workers to fill the jobs of retirees, workers whose earnings fuel our social security needs and cover growing Medicare and Medicaid costs.

Without a constitutional amendment here in Illinois protecting traditional marriage, the will of the people will be disregarded. Activist judges will overthrow the present state defense of marriage law now in effect.

Twenty seven states have taken this step to ensure marriage remains as it has served us so well for so long. It is a step we also must take here in Illinois. There is simply too much at stake not to.

In November, homosexual activists in Illinois have promised to introduce legislation to approve civil unions. This is marriage in all ways but name. Make sure your legislators know that you want marriage to remain as it has been, with no steps to change it.

James P. Finnegan