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Palin's has ability to meet special needs
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 9/30/2008 12:07 AM

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This letter is in response to the letter that questioned if Sarah Palin can fulfill her vice president duties, if elected and properly care for her Down syndrome son and her pregnant daughter.

First, her daughter is engaged to be married. Secondly, Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska and will continue to be governor if not elected. Thirdly and most importantly, Sarah has a fine husband by her side and her parents. Her husband is an experienced father who helped raise four children before Trig was born.

I am the mother of a very medically involved special needs child. I am also the wage earner for my family.

My tender, compassionate husband who is very smart is an able and qualified caregiver to our child. He also does the shopping, cleaning and cooking for our household. Who says a man cannot be a great full-time parent?

Palin has an important job to do just like any man, but her husband and family can help her with this precious son.

Palin will be a friend to us with special needs children more than Barack Obama who consistency shows his disregard for life by voting pro-abortion and against the babies born alive act.

He also stated that the vote he regrets the most was to save the life of handicapped Terri Schiavo. This man has not proven that he values the life of my ventilator dependent handicapped daughter.

Our special needs children need help with medical expenses and therapy. We get this now and can raise our children. I truly fear an Obama-Biden administration where life is not sacred.

My vote in November will be for McCain-Palin for I am sure they will respect the dignity of every life especially my daughter's.

Carol Heisler