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Roskam a big help for Midwestern U.
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 9/23/2008 12:04 AM

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On behalf of Midwestern University and the President's Coalition to preserve the School-As-Lender Program, I would like to recognize the efforts of U.S Rep. Peter J. Roskam in his active support of the passage of legislation that promoted the School-As-Lender Program within the Higher Education Reauthorization Act Conference Report. The Act was signed into law on Aug. 14, and this law preserves Midwestern University's ability to provide low-cost loans and need-based scholarships to our health professions students.

Members of the coalition found Roskam to actively listen to our issues, reflect on the importance of loans to our graduate students, and based on his own research and investigation of all the issues, advocate on our behalf in Congress.

Roskam understood that because of the School-As-Lender Program, Midwestern University has been able to provide $1,750,000 in need-based scholarships to 1,000 students. Since 2002, we have also paid $8,710,553 in loan origination fees, and, since 2006, we have paid $993,191 in loan default fees on behalf of our students. Rep. Roskam's active support of this program has greatly benefited the students of Midwestern University and will have a positive impact on the continued supply of our graduates as health care providers for the Sixth Congressional District.

We are very proud of what we have built on our campus in Downers Grove. By providing education only in the health professions, we continually strive to meet society's growing needs for professionals in medicine, pharmacy, physical and occupational therapy, biomedical sciences, clinical psychology, and physician assistants. The preservation of the School-As-Lender Program will allow us to continue serving the best interests of our students in all aspects of their education.

Kathleen H. Geoppinger, president and CEO

Midwestern University

Downers Grove