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Fertilty, prosperity really can co-exist
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 9/20/2008 12:04 AM

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Unlike many conservatives, I don't think Democrats hate Sarah Palin. Opponents of the McCain/Palin ticket may say things that make it sound like they hate her, but I seriously doubt that they do.

Sarah Palin represents something very foreign to the typical Democratic voter. In modern American culture our young women are told that the road to prosperity is to eliminate a woman's fertility. Readily available contraceptives simply close the gap between women and men in the job market. Abortion has become the ultimate stop-gap to saving those precious nine months (or many more) when competing with men in our collegiate, corporate and political world. Sarah Palin with her five children (and one with Down's Syndrome) is a freak in their minds and they can't believe that McCain would be so stupid as to select such an embarrassment that ultimately would only confuse our nation's young women.

What the McCain/Palin opponents don't acknowledge is that liberal women in America have already sacrificed more than we can imagine for our prosperity. To have it thrown in their face every day from now and at least until November, that fertility and prosperity are not diametrically opposed, but instead are often mutually supportive would predictably insight hate. The hate is not against Palin, but against the garbage that we have all been fed for the last 40 years.

Barack Obama, John McCain, Democrats and Republicans can all agree that prosperity requires sacrifice, the only difference is that Barack Obama and the Democrats believe that the sacrifice for our prosperity must come directly from the bodies of American women.

Joseph Kocan