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Freak sports injuries: Now that's a bad break!
By Robert McCoppin | Daily Herald Staff

Chicago White Sox's Carlos Quentin watches from the dugout these days. He broke his wrist by slamming it against the head of his bat.


Associated Press

Sneezing led to back woes for Sammy Sosa.


Babe Ruth left spring training for stomach surgery, or so the story goes.


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Published: 9/11/2008 12:07 AM

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Chicago White Sox MVP candidate Carlos Quentin broke his wrist last week by slamming it against his bat head in frustration. He may miss the rest of the season.

Inspired by the bizarre nature of the break, we compiled a short list of the freakiest of freak sports injuries, including a few in Chicago.

If you need a day off, try these excuses on your boss:

High-tech can hurt: Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano had to leave a game in 2005 because of a sore elbow blamed on instant messaging his brother for hours a day. Detroit Tigers reliever Joel Zumaya hurt his forearm in 2006 playing "Guitar Hero." And Sacramento Kings rookie Lionel Simmons developed tendinitis from playing Nintendo's Game Boy.

Sneezin' Sammy: Cubs star Slammin' Sammy Sosa threw out his back while sneezing in 2004. He went on the disabled list and later fell into a deep slump. He was traded after the season ended.

Pitcher-proof packaging: San Diego pitcher Adam Eaton missed a start after he stabbed himself in the stomach trying to open a DVD.

Bloody bagpipes: Former NHL goaltender Glenn Healy cut his hand while working on an instrument he plays: the bagpipes.

The dog did it: Before Brian Griese briefly played quarterback for the Chicago Bears, he was an All-Star for the Denver Broncos. While walking down the stairs at home, he tripped over his dog, twisted his ankle and ended up on crutches.

'Roid scandal: George Brett, one of the greatest third basemen in history, missed part of the 1980 World Series because of hemorrhoids. He had minor surgery and came back to play well. Still, he was the butt of endless jokes until, years later, when he flew into a tirade over a home run nullified for having too much pine tar on his bat. The Pine Tar Incident forever put the hemorrhoid tragedy behind him.

Babe's bellyache: In 1925, Babe Ruth left spring training for what was reported as stomach surgery. The press dubbed it "the bellyache heard 'round the world," and attributed it to a hot dog eating binge. Other reports have speculated he was suffering from gonorrhea or an injection of sheep testosterone. The Babe played a shortened season. The only fortunate consequence was that the Yankees tanked.