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Thanks to Kirk for his position on CN
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 7/21/2008 12:06 AM

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As we read the Daily Herald's recent article on the proposed acquisition of the EJ&E by CN ("Fighting Over Trains," July 13, 2008), we noted that Congressman Mark Kirk has declared his support for the transaction, joining his colleagues Jan Schakowsky, Jesse Jackson Jr. and Danny Davis.

In doing so, Congressman Kirk has again demonstrated his commitment to principled decision-making regarding the interests of his District. The position taken by our Congressman and the other supportive members of the Illinois Congressional delegation on this issue is both commendable and greatly appreciated.

CN's proposed shifting of trains to a more efficient route on the underutilized EJ&E would result in fewer trains each day for more than 60 communities, compared with fewer than 30 that would see an increase. Thousands of people in towns that abut the existing CN line, including Buffalo Grove, thus stand to benefit substantially from reductions in rail and highway congestion if the transaction proceeds.

It also would set the stage for possible enhancements to Metra service that would take cars off area roads, overdue improvements which are stalled due to conflicts with freight traffic on existing CN rail lines.

Our federal legislators are supposed to view the "big picture," focusing on where we need to go as a nation for the greater good. Thank you, Congressman Kirk (and the other supportive members of Congress), for doing just that - for taking the time to cut through the rhetoric, for understanding the benefits to regional transportation efficiency, the economy and the environment, and for standing up for the interests of the vast majority of the residents of the 10th District who will benefit greatly from changes resulting from the proposed acquisition.

Buffalo Grove Village Board President Elliott Hartstein and trustees Jeffrey Braiman, DeAnn Glover, Jeffrey Berman, Bruce Kahn, Steven Trilling and Brian Rubin