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North by northwest: Readers blow hot and cold on North
By Ted Cox | Daily Herald Columnist

Fans had a lot to say about sports-talk radio host Mike North and his departure from WSCR 670-AM.


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Published: 7/3/2008 2:19 PM

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Mike North has an opinion on everyone in Chicago sports, and everyone seems to have an opinion on Mike North.

Here's what I've received of late on the former WSCR 670-AM host:

"Great column on June 27. I'll miss Mike North on the Score, but in my opinion, over the past few months, something was missing from his show. I couldn't put my finger on what it was, though. I totally agree he needed a partner, no doubt about it.

"(Mike Mulligan) and (Brian) Hanley have a great show, and it's a good listen. The thing that gets me is this town's love of Mike (Greenberg) and Mike (Golic). Their show is something I just can't get into. Maybe folks tuned them in because they didn't care for North."

Tim Grzenia


"Say it ain't so, Ted. Defending Mike North? I'll bet you watch Jerry Springer, too!"

Steve Hilmer


"Mike North can 'never say never,' but ripping your bosses publicly only means they will NEVER let him back on the Score. That's just human nature. Good riddance to an ingrate. I only listened to him when (WMVP) 1000-AM was running commercials."

Bob Kociolek

"Enjoy your work, but at what point did you just let Mike ramble and not ask him the question, 'If it's not about the money, why is it all you are talking about?' I sincerely hope you don't buy this (crud), because this isn't how it works and Mike just used you and the Daily Herald as a pawn in his own little game."

Van Swanson


"I would not say North has been the voice of the Score since its inception. He has been one of many. And, of course when they say it is not about the money, it sure as (heck) is. Also, how does North say his ratings should not be compared with ESPN Radio? He is full of it and is just negotiating in the media like the athletes he condemns. He is an entertaining numskull.

"North still needs money. He only cleaned up the past few years and he has spent plenty of it. Who are these people saying he needs to get back to talking more politics and entertainment? Those things were the downfall of his early days hosting the morning show. Nobody alive wants to hear a Thelma Houston interview or Eddie Vrdolyak talk.

"North got too big for his britches. North and (Steve) Dahl should start drinking again and team up."

Tom Keller

Oak Lawn

"Been reading you forever, love your column, (but) do you really believe people would listen to him talk politics on WLS (890-AM)? The only reason anyone listened to him on WSCR was for some local sports. He made enemies with all Cub fans, who make up approximately 70 percent of the listeners."

Jim Curry


"Why would you think making an untrue statement about Rush Limbaugh in an article about Mike North (would) be intelligent or funny to those of us that are conservatives? I understand you liberals hate (President) Bush and Limbaugh, but I was pretty disappointed when you decide to pollute commentary about Mike North and his accomplishment in radio with your own political views. -

"You have free speech. But I have free will, and that means I will not read any more of your stuff in the Herald. Why don't you and Burt Constable take a house by the sea together?"

Thomas Dymit

"I like your writing, so I was looking at some of your old columns. Then it hit me: You quoted one of my all-time favorite Woody Allen movies, 'Love and Death.' That movie never fails to make me laugh. Thanks,"

Nancy Williams