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Why I voted no on the recall vote
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 6/15/2008 12:02 AM

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As state senator for Illinois' 22nd District, there has not been a single vote I've taken without believing I had the support of the people of my district. The "recall" vote, however, is probably the first exception to this general rule and so I now answer for it.

First, the recall of judges is a bad idea. As an attorney, I know bad decisions by judges are most often, not always, remedied by the Appellate Court. Moreover, the Judicial Inquiry Board in Illinois, while not perfect, is doing its job of inquiring into allegations of misconduct and the physical or mental incapacity of judges. I believe we must preserve and support an independent judiciary capable of rendering decisions absent the fear of being subjected to mob rule.

Second, the recall of local officials would become routine theater in my district. Carpentersville, Elgin, Streamwood -- all within the last 20 years has had factions that would gladly file petitions to recall one another. Most qualified candidates in these working class communities have neither the time nor money to serve as trustee or councilmen. To suddenly recall local officials and then stand amidst the political ruins seeking their replacements is not a good idea. For this we have elections.

Finally, I understand and even share your frustration regarding the governor. However, this, while in part his own doing, is something hard sought by those who want not so much his head as his job. Again, this is what elections are for. If and when he is charged with misconduct we can, under our constitution, impeach him.

For these reasons I voted no on recall. For these reasons I would vote no again. I ask for your understanding and support.

Sen. Michael Noland