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District 25 doesn't deserve criticism
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 5/31/2008 4:12 PM

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To the editor: I attended the school board meeting at which the District 25 board voted to overhaul classroom celebrations, and also to exempt itself from a totally "peanut-free" guarantee to parents.

A parent who attended, and whom got extensive coverage from the Daily Herald in the May 29 issue (p.3, "Birthday cake banned..."), was incensed at the district's policies, and spent 10 minutes saying so (after being allotted three minutes by the board).

My brother has had a life-threatening peanut allergy his whole life, 38 years. My mother made his lunch every single day, as she did not expect the lunch ladies serving all of the other children to put their careers on the line because someone, somewhere, assembling lunch items for his school at some processing plant ate a peanut butter sandwich one day and did not wash their hands.

In other words, she maintained as much control over his health as she could.

At no point did the parent discrediting District 25 ever suggest that food from home could be the best choice for his child. He simply expected that the school board take responsibility for his son's health and provide a GUARANTEED peanut-free lunch.

In this day and age, how could anything like that ever be expected? Superintendent Jerome is doing better than 99 percent of schools nationwide (by banning allergens) and her most vocal opponent just can't accept that. I say bravo for her efforts.

Liisa Gary

Arlington Heights