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Others can share freight traffic
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 5/26/2008 12:19 AM

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I was already tired of hearing complaints from people who live along the EJ&E line, and then Obama had to jump in.

The residents along EJ&E have complained about getting more train traffic. I say too bad! It's your turn to bear some of the burden.

I think Obama and the complainers should come on over to my house right along the Union Pacific line and see how it feels to be jarred out of bed on a regular basis when the freight trains hit their brakes and a whole line of cars slams up against one another in the middle of the night on a very regular basis.

Not to mention that sleeping with the windows open is not much of an option because of the train horns that supposedly aren't supposed to blow during the night.

We have a good reason to complain, but do we? NO. It's called growth. I say let's share the train traffic because as I am sure all who live along the Union Pacific line will agree, we would love to divvy up the trains. Its time the residents along the UP line get a break!

Julie Bohannon

Mount Prospect