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Holocaust not fault of Polish people
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 5/22/2008 12:12 AM

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Regarding, "When hearing is believing" (May 5): Upon reading the above-mentioned article, I felt compelled to right the idea that concentration camps under the Nazi regime were Polish concentration camps.

They were, in fact, German concentration camps located in Poland, i.e., Auschwitz and others, established by the Nazis.

Though there were a considerable number of Polish people held in those camps, along with the many Jews mentioned who were murdered by the Nazi's, the camps were not Polish concentration camps.

I fully understand the desire of Mr. Harris to ensure that the historical significance of the Holocaust be known, but please do not indict the Polish people for this atrocity.

The memories, the pain, the losses that Mr. Harris endured during his lifetime are indeed unfortunate.

However, we must also understand that it was not the Polish people who perpetrated this distressing chapter in history. The Polish community in Chicago and its suburbs deserve an apology.

Jadwiga Sobiecka