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Dist. 94 teens can hit snooze button
School officials OK plan to add 21 late-start days
By Jack Komperda | Daily Herald Staff
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Published: 5/21/2008 12:04 AM

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West Chicago High School District 94 school officials will go ahead with plans to add nearly two dozen late-start days to next year's school calendar despite the additional cost to one of its elementary feeder districts.

School officials from West Chicago Elementary District 33 have protested plans by the high school to add 21 late-start days, complaining that since the two districts share the same bus service, the schedule change would cost them money.

While high school Principal Moses Cheng disputed those claims earlier this month, District 94 officials acknowledged Thursday their decision would cost District 33 about $16,000 because of the need to alter the bus schedule.

The schedule change would also cost District 94 an additional $21,000 in busing costs.

Yet school officials said they don't plan on overturning their decision, arguing that their teachers need the additional time set aside through the late-start days for more teacher development.

Class on the late-start Mondays will begin at 10:01 a.m. -- nearly two hours later than the rest of the week.

"We made an unfortunate mistake, but it's done and I don't want to back-pedal," said Katherine Doremus, a District 94 school board member. "We need to give the teachers the time to be able to do their jobs."

In addition to the 21 additional late-start days school officials approved last month, next year's school calendar will include the eight late-start days already in its calendar.