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No April fools here: It's Cheap Trick Day
By John Patterson | Daily Herald Staff
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Published: 4/1/200 12:12 AM

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SPRINGFIELD -- Rockford rockers Cheap Trick get their own day, today, thanks to Illinois lawmakers.

Last year, in the midst of a political stalemate at the Capitol, lawmakers voted to make April 1 "Cheap Trick Day." Band founder and guitarist Rick Nielsen visited, made a speech in the Illinois Senate and tossed out guitar picks to senators.

According to a news release, Nielsen and fellow bandmates plan to spend their official day meeting with dignitaries and doing interviews.

While we'd like to take Cheap Trick Day off and listen to "Live At Budokan" and "Dream Police," unfortunately it's not an official Illinois holiday.

But in the true spirit of Cheap Trick Day, the Daily Herald pored over recent legislative records to find other official Illinois days -- approved and pending -- for which you also don't get the day off.

April 11: Crohn's and Irritable Bowel Disease Day in the State of Illinois. Pending in the Illinois House.

April 18: Last year was the first annual Kappa Alpha Psi Day in Illinois, approved to acknowledge the achievements of the historic black fraternity. Of note, it wasn't approved until after April 18.

May 2: Catch Your Breath Day concerns lung cancer and other respiratory diseases, primarily in women. Approved by Illinois House and awaiting Senate action.

May 8: In 2006, lawmakers made it Hug a Principal Day.

May 27: Rachel Carson Day honors the investigative journalist's environmental efforts and urges everyone to focus attention on the potentially serious hazards associated with chemical pesticides. The Illinois House approved the day. It's pending in the Senate.

August: The first Saturday of August was named Parent Appreciation Day in 2005.

September: The second Tuesday in September is Kindergarten Day.

January: The fourth Saturday in January is American Eagle Day in Illinois.

February: Oprah gets a whole week. Last year, lawmakers approved making the first week of February Oprah Winfrey Week.

Feb. 6: Ronald Reagan Day. In 2002, then-Gov. George Ryan signed a law declaring the date Ronald Reagan Day. Despite that law, lawmakers keep trying to name Feb. 6 after the former president, again. At least two more, duplicative Feb. 6 Ronald Reagan Day proposals are currently pending.