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Don't give immunity to the telecom firms
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 3/26/2008 12:04 AM

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President Bush is pushing the House to pass the Senate version of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that gives top priority to retroactive immunity for the telecommunication companies.

I hope it does not do so. According to many members of the House, there is very little difference between the current FISA and the proposed Senate version of FISA.

Intelligence agencies can currently eavesdrop in a legal and expeditious manner.

If the House passes the Senate FISA with immunity for the telecom companies, Americans who have been illegally spied on will have no recourse.

President Bush is so proud of giving Iraqis democracy while he wants to take it away from Americans by giving corporations special treatment when they commit illegal acts.

Why is he so concerned about the telecommunication companies?

He does not seem concerned about the American people.

He is trying to scare us into believing the falsehood that there will be a breakdown of surveillance if the senate FISA bill is not passed.

Things are not always what they seem.

President Bush is actually concerned about the telecommunication companies getting sued because when the companies are sued, his administration will be pulled into the illegal wiretapping quagmire.

We elected House and Senate members to protect our rights.

It is time for our legislators to do their job.

There should be no immunity for the telecommunication companies!

Kaye Gamble

Sleepy Hollow