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Total eclipse of the moon Wednesday night
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Published: 2/19/2008 1:58 PM | Updated: 2/19/2008 2:28 PM

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If you missed the lunar eclipse last March here's your chance to see the show again. Wednesday the moon begins its transit across Earth's shadow at 7:43 and this time it will be high in the night sky. As the moon passes into the penumbra of Earth's shadow the left portion of the lunar disk will darken.

When the moon enters the umbra it will take on a reddish cast and appear at its most dramatic at mid-eclipse at 9:26. The red color is caused by the bending of the sun's light through the Earth's atmosphere. This is the same reason we see red sunsets. The moon then exits the umbra and penumbra until it is its bright shiny self at 11:09.