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This year vote and celebrate Fat Tuesday with treat on same day
By Amy Mack | Daily Herald Columnist

A chocolate creme filled paczki at the Central Continental Bakery in Mount Prospect.


Gilber R. Boucher II | Staff Photographer

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Published: 2/2/2008 11:54 PM | Updated: 2/3/2008 9:43 AM

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They're not on your ballot. They're definitely sweeter than most political candidates. And they pack a punch to the hips that's hard to miss.

But who can resist a paczki on a Fat Tuesday that falls on Election Day? Not that I can resist anything sweet. Ever.

It's not too late to order the treat for Fat Tuesday -- the traditional day for using up all lard, sugar and fruit on hand Tuesday before Lent, a period when those things were forbidden. The popular paczkis -- fried doughnuts filled with fruit or custard -- go fast.

Roger Ahrens, co-owner of Piece-A-Cake Bakery in East Dundee, tells me they're still taking orders, but you'd better hurry. Call (847) 836-6703.

Piece-A-Cake will soon hold an official grand opening for its new store on Route 72 in Gilberts, right by Gilberts Grape. Look for the big sign. You'll probably also spot a certain chubby columnist sneaking a doughnut break. And, did I hear they will have homemade chocolates?

Senior moment

Some of you who live in Sun City tell me you've had plenty of candidates and their supporters knocking on your doors lately. No wonder. I hear as many as eight of every 10 of you vote each election. Wow! Maybe I should have limited my voter turnout bet to Sun City, eh?

I bet a political insider that there would be at least a 50 percent turnout to vote in Tuesday's primary. Lots of you politically savvy folks are laughing at me, saying anything higher than 35 percent is dreaming.

I know what the numbers typically are. And I know history says that's a crazy bet. But I think plenty of us are tired of what is. Maybe I am dreaming -- but I think lots of us feel like it's time to wake up.

Drawing the line

You District 300 residents wanting to know more about the school board's decision to change boundaries can check out the transcript of last Monday night's discussion and vote. It's posted on the District 300 Web site under the Attendance Boundary Committee.

Book it

Did you know there's a new spot on the corner of Route 25 and Lake Marian Road in Carpentersville? Booker's Next Round, best known to those who live in South Elgin, has taken over the old Instant Replay Sports Bar. They've spiffed it up, changed the menu, added new booths and TVs and are ready for Super Sunday. They open at noon Sunday and invite us all to stop by.

Election defined

Some election battles have been a bit tense, both on the national and the local level. But, amid the fray, an e-mail making the rounds has prompted even the most ardent political foes to smile.

Do you know what electile dysfunction is? It's the inability to become aroused by any of the candidates.

Vote anyway!