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Endorsements: McHenry County Board
Daily Herald Editorial Board
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Published: 1/29/2008 12:18 AM

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McHenry County voters concerned about the county's rapid growth, increasing transportation challenges and a dwindling water supply will want to carefully choose county board candidates in the Feb. 5 primary.

Republicans will find contested races in three of six districts while Democrats have one contested race. Two candidates will advance from each party primary to the Nov. 4 general election.

District 1 - Republican

Four Republican candidates seek seats in District 1 in the county's busy southeast corner, all with a clear understanding of the issues.

Although his sometimes arrogant approach can alienate, incumbent Marc Munaretto's financial savvy would net our endorsement for another term were he not to insist on holding two elected posts, the county board and Algonquin Township clerk. Our policy is not to endorse candidates who choose to hold two elected positions. We are concerned with the potential for conflict when someone serves two masters.

Although we've previously endorsed Munaretto when he has held two elected posts, we were wrong to have overlooked that conflict. Algonquin Township Trustee Lowell Cutsforth readily acknowledges such a conflict and would resign his township post if elected. He would be a strong advocate for District 1 voters with his understanding of the growing district's transportation needs and the need to work with other entities to find solutions.

Former Fox River Grove Village President Bill Yocius clearly knows the needs of the district as well and is also endorsed. Newcomer Bob Bless is also running. Democrat James McTague is unopposed in his party's primary in this district.

District 3 -Republican

District 3 incumbents Mary Donner and Nick Provenzano are endorsed. Both know the district's issues and can advocate for their constituents, especially when Provenzano focuses on those issues vs. the party's internal political fights. Challenger Jim Schlader shows great promise and would also make a strong county board member. Democrat Kathleen Bergan Schmidt does not have a primary challenger.

District 6 - Republican

A sprawling District 6 covers most of the county's western half, straddling Huntley's western edge to Hebron and Harvard. Its unique needs require strong county board representatives. Of the five candidates, former county board member and current Seneca Township Supervisor Ersel Schuster stands out as someone who does her homework, knows the county's challenges and guarantees strong advocacy for constituents. But, if elected, she would hold two elected offices and our policy, as previously outlined, is to not endorse candidates holding conflicting positions.

Incumbent Randy Donley knows his district's needs but has played a low-key role on this board thus far. We hope he'll be a stronger advocate in the future.

Challenger Harry Alten would be a strong board member representing McHenry County's still-thriving farm community, a sector with little representation.

Donley and Alten are endorsed. Roger Naylor and John Jones are also running.

District 6 - Democrats

Political newcomers Andrew Georgi and Robert Ludwig, who want the board to focus more on transportation and water issues, are endorsed. A third candidate, Darryl Frank, did not participate in our endorsement process, a result, he said, of illness in the family.