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Vote for candidate who will stop tolls
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 1/25/2008 12:17 AM

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Given all the problems you've exposed in the toll collection system, a system you decry as "inequitable, insensitive and inept," there is one solution that has been ignored -- get rid of the tollways!

Look at the millions of dollars that would be saved on bureaucracy, court costs, equipment, etc., not to mention the reduction in stress for the unintentional violators and the motorists who are made criminals for what? Not paying another unjust tax that feeds the bloated, corrupt government?

How much of the total money collected, tolls and fines, goes to fix the roads? Maybe one-third? Who pockets the rest? What good does that money do for society?

What about the hidden extra costs passed on to consumers from truckers who are gouged by tolls? Don't we have a plethora of other taxes that are supposed to pay for the roads, including the fuel tax, license fees, and IFTA for truckers?

Enough taxes already! Government needs to reform its business practices. Let's turn our tollways back into freeways. Let's end one form of waste and corruption and begin saving taxpaying motorists money.

So how do we start? Vote for Mike Psak, Republican for U.S. Senate. Eliminating tollways is one of his top priorities. Check out his Web site at Mike Psak will give us voice in the Senate. Congress approved tollways. Congress can end tollways.

Sylvia Keppel