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Q&A with Dist. 6 Democratic hopefuls
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Published: 1/31/2008 1:56 PM

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Three Democrats are vying in the Feb. 5 primary for two spots representing District 6 on the McHenry County Board: Darryl Franks, Andrew Georgi and Robert Ludwig. Here are their thoughts on an issue selected from a Daily Herald questionnaire sent to each candidate.

Q:Experts predict portions of McHenry County will not have adequate water supplies by 2030. If elected, how will you ensure the region has enough water? Be specific.

Franks: Did not answer.

Georgi: I would work with the state and federal water departments and follow their suggestions on how to conserve and clean up our watersheds.

Ludwig: All of McHenry County's communities obtain their water from wells that draw more or less from the same aquifer. Unrestrained development increases the draw on the aquifer while simultaneously reducing its recharge.

Wells are relatively cheap since they don't require much in the way of water treatment. The situation is no longer sustainable. Simply drilling new wells will not solve the underlying problem.

Programs to treat and use surface water, as well as storm water capture, treatment and use must be explored if communities are to survive further growth.

I would work to help communities find funding to support the development of alternative sources of water. I would also require that new subdivision development include provisions to address the increased demand for water.