Vote for Connelly in House Dist. 48

Letter to the Editor
Published: 1/23/2008 12:36 AM

While the media continues to tout the presidential primary we must not forget about the equally important election of our state representatives.

In a time when so many of us view our state politicians with cynicism, there is one person to whom I can comfortably attest possessing confirmed leadership ability and who also has a proven ability to instill both character and conviction to elected office. Mike Connelly brings with him both honesty and competency as he seeks to represent the 48th District in the Illinois House.

I know that honesty and politicians are often considered mutually exclusive, but not in this case. He is a fiscal conservative, which I believe is a mandatory attribute given the economic condition of Illinois. He maintains a strong community connection and understands that transparency is necessary to ensure political honesty and instill confidence in the system.

Being a concerned citizen, I have closely monitored the actions of Mr. Connelly as an elected member of both a village board and as a member of the DuPage County board. I saw him consistently fight to ensure that his constituents received both the representation that he had promised and that which they had demanded of him. Although we at times disagreed, I always found Mike Connelly approachable and willing to share the reasons for his decisions. He will provide civility, integrity, and common sense to a state government that we have at times witnessed to be dysfunctional. We need to send Mike Connelly to Springfield.

Vote for Mike Connelly to represent the 48th District.

James A. Strnad