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Add years to your life
By Susan Stevens | Daily Herald Columnist
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Published: 1/21/2008 12:53 AM

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How long do you think you'll live? You can get a good estimate with a longevity calculator created by Boston University's Dr. Thomas Perls, an expert on longevity and founder of a study on centenarians.

Visit and answer questions about your diet, lifestyle and family history. You'll get an estimate of your life span (most people score in the late-80s) and a set of recommendations on how you can add years to your life.

The eyes have it

Your eyes do more than help you watch the latest episode of "30 Rock." New research in the journal Current Biology has found evidence that your eyes also help regulate your sleep/wake cycle.

Researchers found blind people had biological responses to bright light, including changes in circadian rhythm, hormone levels, pupil constriction and changes in brain function. They believe it's a separate set of photoreceptors than the system used for vision.

Ski safe

Before you hit the slopes, check to be sure your ski gear fits properly. The right equipment will make you a better, safer skier, according to instructor Harald Harb, author of the "Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier" series of books.

The most important gear is your boots, Harb says.

Take your boots to a local ski shop before your trip and have the staff align your feet in them. A properly fitted boot will feel tight at first, but most boots stretch by half a size by the end of a day of skiing.

If you plan to rent your gear at the ski resort, arrive in the afternoon, before the day-end return rush. You'll get more personalized attention than in the busy morning or evening hours.