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Save money: Cut the toll authority
Letter to the Editor
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Published: 1/12/2008 12:20 AM

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The Daily Herald had a comprehensive review of the Illinois toll road and the authority that manages, or mismanages, it.

The histories of the toll road, from placement of the first gate and assorted gates and cameras up to the Open Road system, have been dismal failures.

Install a system, declare it obsolete and hire new consultants, buy new equipment, hire new contractors tear out the old and install the new and find out it is no better than what was replaced.

Thus we have perpetual construction sites which make selected contractors happy and motorists angry.

The switching of companies to track toll violators without a program to exchange data is gross negligence. Now the people who have mismanaged the toll road want to further expand their empire by building new toll roads and are even considering tolls on the Eisenhower and other expressways and raising fees during rush hour to discourage congestion.

The toll authority was established as a temporary agency to maintain and supervise the toll road until the bonds were paid and the authority would be dissolved.

Instead it has turned into self-perpetuating bureaucracy which is a cash cow for politicians.

Save money. Eliminate the toll authority and make the toll roads freeways; there is ample money generated from gas taxes to maintain a corrupt-free road system.

John Culloton