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Dear Readers,

Mental Health America of Illinois (MHAI) (formerly the Mental Health Association in Illinois) is proud to partner with the Daily Herald for the 15th year to celebrate Mental Health Month — May — with the "Partnership for Mental Health Progress," a special newspaper section designed to educate and inform the public about mental and emotional disorders and their treatment. For the past 15 years, the Daily Herald’s "Partnership for Mental Health Progress" has set the standard for excellence in reporting and writing about timely mental health issues. The edition has helped inform the public, empower consumers and remind readers about the importance of taking care of your mental health.

Mental health is an essential part of each person’s overall health and wellness. At times, we all face challenges that test us and put our mental health at risk. When it comes to managing the day-to-day pressures of life, building strong connections with others is a proven way to protect your mental health and well-being.

Did you know that people with little social support experience more severe illnesses and slower recovery than those with strong support? Or that people who feel valued and cared for are at a reduced risk for disease? Our message to you is to Get Connected to friends & family, to your community and to professional help when necessary.

In this year's section, you will find information about important and current issues impacting your mental health and well-being. You will hear about the launch of an exciting new public awareness campaign supported by the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health & the Illinois Children's Mental Health Partnership — Say It Out Loud. The Say It Out Loud campaign promotes mental health as a vital component of the well-being of every child and adult, and encourages everyone in Illinois to take steps to promote good mental health in themselves and others.

You will get an update on the progress of the social and emotional learning (SEL) standards being implemented by the Illinois State Board of Education and local school districts, and gain insight about the SEL goals of helping children and adults acquire the skills to recognize and manage emotions, develop caring and positive relationships, make responsible decisions and deal with challenging situations appropriately and effectively.

You also will hear ideas on how to create mentally healthy work environments, and the actions we can all take to keep our minds and bodies young as we age. In addition, you will hear the brave stories of those continuing to cope with the emotional trauma of the Northern Illinois University tragedy this past February, as well as learn of the many organizations and professionals who are connected to your community who are devoted to promoting good mental health and working for better care and treatment.

MHAI, the only statewide, mental health advocacy organization concerned with the entire spectrum of mental and emotional disorders, works hard each year to carry out our mission to promote mental health, prevent mental illnesses, and improve care and treatment for persons suffering from mental and emotional disorders. Since 1909, MHAI has advocated for you, your families and your neighbors through our important work.

I encourage you and your families to Get Connected this May and stay in tune with your mental health and well-being throughout the year. I ask you to become MHAI's partner in helping to raise awareness about the importance of mental health in your communities.

Most Sincerely,

Carol Wozniewski
MHAI Executive Director


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