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Brown's Chicken Murders - Trial News
Crime Scene

Brown's Chicken Murders Minutes. Hours. Months. Years. The road to a conclusion of one of the most notorious crimes in suburban history - the killings of seven people in a Palatine Brown's Chicken & Pasta restaurant - is a study in time. It enters what could be a final phase, when jury selection begins in the trial of James Degorski, the second man charged in the killings.

2009 James Degorski trial coverage

Juan Luna In an 11-1 vote, after five weeks of deliberations, jurors spared Juan Luna from death. The 33-year-old Carpentersville man instead received life in prison without parole for his part in the slayings of seven people in the Palatine restaurant. One juror was all it took. A young stay-at-home mother who once worked at a chicken restaurant voted in his favor.

2007 Juna Luna trial coverage

Important issues from the 1993 Brown's murders

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Brown's Chicken Murders - Trial: