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14th Congressional Rep. (Green)
Daniel J. Kairis
Incumbent: No
Occupation: Semi-retired, substitute teacher
Age: 69
Address: So Elgin, Illinois
2010 candidate
Married 37 years, two sons
B.S. NIU 1972
East Aurora Graduate 1968
Civic Involvement
Vice President, Citizens Against the Balefill
Our citizens' group helped defeat the infamous Bartlett Balefill
11-year member and past president of the Fox Valley Computer Society
Served on the Board of Directors for the Video Dealers' Association Illinois Chapter
Membership Chair, Vagabond Flying Association
1st and 2nd grade basketball coach South Elgin Parks and Rec
MS Walk at Pottawatamie Park Participant
Duck Pluck Fund Raiser Participant (St. Charles HOG Chapter)
Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run volunteer and participant
Other Government services
Served on the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee for the Village of South Elgin
U-46 Strategic Planning Committee Volunteer

Candidate's Key Issues
Key Issue 1 The corporate dominance of the other two established parties.
Both parties have become so dependent on their "corporate sponsors" that they have put the needs of the corporations above the needs of the people. A prime example of this is the bankruptcy laws. Corporations can file bankruptcy and have all the debts and obligations absolved. Recent legislation written by the financial institutions do not allow individuals the same rights.
Key Issue 2 Education: It is obvious to most, the public school system needs a major overhaul. No Child Left Behind has done little but generated mountains of paperwork. Students who are only able to read at a fourth- or fifth-grade level are graduating from high school. Many graduates have a hard time doing simple mathematics. Elementary teachers are saddled with the responsibility of teaching science, social studies, responsibility, character, and the list of responsibilities gets longer each year. A solution I would support would give the lower elementary teachers the responsibilities of teaching reading, writing, and math skills. Replacing the labels of grades K-3 and replacing them with levels 1-12 would also provide a better school system. Each student would progress by levels instead of grades. Once the skills for level 1 are accomplished the student moves to level 2. This would apply to all three skills. This program not only provides faster remedial work for students who need it, it also allows those who can excel to not be held back just because of their age.
Key Issue 3 The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan along with our military presence throughout the rest of the world.
Our annual defense budget is over $600 billion. We have a military presence in most of the countries in the world. We have spent over $1.6 trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan. We could provide health care and better education for our citizens, infrastructure repair and so many other needs with those tax dollars.
Questions & Answers
Answers provided have not been edited for grammar, misspellings or typos. In some instances, candidate claims that could not be immediately verified have been omitted.
1. Define your view of health care reform, addressing how to pay for it, the potential impact on health workers, insurers, and the economy. Do you support a public option? If not, how should uninsured be handled? Define your view of public abortion funding.
We have a system dominated by the corporate entities. Insurance companies, not the patient, determine what procedures, doctors, and hospitals are chosen. Studies have shown 30 percent of all health care costs goes to administration of the system, 60 percent of bankruptcies are caused by health care costs. This shows the current system is failing.
I support a system that puts the cost of insurance directly into the care of the citizens. Tort reform would also help reduce the cost of health care. We can do that by putting a limit on the amount attorneys receive when filing medical cases. The better use of preventative medicine would save the costs of curing advanced stages of diseases.
2. Do you think the stimulus package has helped Chicago's suburban area? If so, point out specific projects. If not, indicate your ideas for better results. Include specifics for solving unemployment, raising salaries and suburban job creation.
The stimulus package has provided some needed jobs. We only need to look at the numerous road projects. But, this comes at a cost to the next generations. The stimulus package could have provided actual long-term benefits.
This could have been done by doing the following:
1. Provide a long term solution to our ongoing reliance on foreign oil by implementing a modification of the Picken's Plan which includes the following.
a. Convert as many vehicles and electric generating plants to Natural Gas.
b. Start building the infrastructure to use wind and solar.
c. Engineer standard battery packs for electric vehicles that can be replaced as conveniently as filling a gas tank.
See the story on what the Dutch are doing.
d. Build wind farms combined with charging stations for the interchangeable batteries.
We have placed men on the moon. We have created a nationwide highway system. We can certainly accomplish implementing a new energy program. We just need the political will to do so.
3. Clearly state your position on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Where should the U.S. go from here? If you support continuing either war, what are your specific goals? If not, outline your strategy for withdrawal and the U.S.'s relations with each country.
No declaration of war was ever made by Congress regarding our ongoing wars with Iraq and Afghanistan. Congress gave Bush the "authorization" for war and by doing so violated their constitutional duty. For this reason alone, we should bring home the troops from both countries.
I propose a truce where we would bring our troops home while offering the Afghan people supplies and equipment to rebuild their infrastructure. The two wars have cost approximately $1.6 trillion. We are trillions in debt and cannot afford to spend any more future taxpayers' dollars on these wars. Nor can we provide the military presence we have in the dozens of other countries. We need to bring all the rest of our troops home. We can not afford to protect the rest of the world.
4. State what you see as the most pressing transportation needs in the suburbs. How would you address these needs? What solutions would you propose to help Illinois with its infrastructure challenges?
The above proposal regarding the Picken's Plan would solve many of our transportation needs. We could also encourage four-day work weeks, flex-time and other programs to reduce the gridlock that occurs too often. A user-friendly online carpooling program would also save traffic congestion. Making public transportation more inviting such as providing WiFi on trains for instance.
5. Describe how your positions fall in line with your party. Also, detail at least one way in which they diverge from the party platform.
I was originally drawn to the Green Party by the refusal of candidates accepting corporate and special interest money for campaigns. I have thought the two other established parties have been corrupted for too long by the special interest money they take and it only gets worse every election.
It is easy to agree with the party platform and its goals are easy to promote. As in every party, there are differences between individuals as how to achieve the goals. I have disagreements with some individuals in the party on how best to implement the goals. But, do not have any differences with the platform itself.