Barbara Goetzelman 59



The challenge: Can this cancer survivor lose weight and get her body in shape for a backpacking/ hiking trip to Isle Royale National Park?

Biggest obstacle: Ice cream

The plan: Goetzelman wants to plan healthier meals she can make after work.When the weather improves, she’ll begin training hikes.

Hometown: Antioch

Her team: Registered dietitian Dana Petersen at Condell Medical Center
in Libertyville.

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Full of hope and promise

In January, we're full of hope and promise and good intentions, and our New Year's resolutions bubble up like freshly opened champagne. When the bubble pops in February, we're left hoping no one notices we've quit 11 months early.
These five Daily Herald subscribers don't have that luxury. All year long, we'll be chronicling their stories as they try to lose weight, quit smoking, build their endurance and improve their health. Maybe they'll inspire you to rejuvenate your own resolutions.

Susan Stevens | Daily Herald Health Writer


The Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence

Sensible snacks

Ronald Szopa, 52
The challenge: Can this expectant father and diabetic lose 30 pounds by the time his child is born in June?

Biggest obstacle: Pasta

The plan: Szopa will control portion sizes,make healthier food choices and develop a workout routine that fits his busy schedule.

Hometown: Elgin

His team: Registered dietitian Julie Nordan at Sherman Hospital in Elgin; personal trainer Michael Wolff at Wolff Fitness in Elgin and St. Charles.

His workout



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Lynne Pieroni, 48
The challenge: With her blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar at unhealthy levels, can the mother of two lose enough weight to avoid medication?

Biggest obstacle: Salty snacks

The plan: Pieroni will make healthier food choices, watch portion sizes and develop an exercise routine that challenges her body.

Hometown: Hanover Park

Her team: Dr. Janet Collins and registered dietitian Susan Rizzo at Alexian Brothers Healthcare in Elk Grove Village; personal trainer Bill Jensen at Continental Athletic Club in Rolling Meadows.

Her workout



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Michael Raczak, 54
The challenge: Can this middle-school principal lose 20 pounds and trim his waist size?

Biggest obstacle: On-the-go snacking

The plan: Raczak will eat breakfast every day, make healthier food choices and continue regular workouts.

Hometown: Napverville

His team: Registered dietitian Nancy Rodriguez and personal trainer Heather Grier from Edward Hospital in Naperville.

His workout


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Frederick Coombs, 63
The challenge: After unsuccessful attempts with the patch, hypnosis, laser therapy, aversion therapy and more, can the married father of three adult children finally quit smoking?

Biggest obstacle: Nicotine cravings fueled by a pack-a-day cigarette habit

The plan: Coombs will use the patch and lozenges to curb his nicotine cravings while also practicing techniques to alter his behavior.

Hometown: Wheeling

His team: Lyn Tepper, advanced practice pulmonary nurse and smoking cessation specialist at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights.



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